The Big Adventure

(Client work commissioned by Ben Madigan Preparatory school. Written by Caroline Hughes, illustrated by Erin McClean).

Going to School can be a big step into a new world with lots of challenges and excitement. Emily and Alfie, like all other children, make their journey to school at the beginning of term into an exciting adventure where their imaginations take over. Join them as they travel through a jungle and up a mountain as they make their way to school where their greatest adventure awaits.

Luisa and Clementine

(Self authored dummy book)

Luisa is happy being an only child, but then her new sister Clementine arrives on her doorstep. Luisa’s new sister isn’t quite what she expects…

Mia and the School Monster

(Self authored dummy book)

Mia isn’t scared of anything. especially starting primary school. That is until she meets the monster. The monster gets bigger and bigger as he tells Mia lies of all the horrible things that go on in school.

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